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Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel Artist Rendering

Myrtle Beach is not just a seaside gem of South Carolina known for its glorious shoreline, but also a vibrant hub for artisans and photographers. These creative minds bring their unique perspective to life through stunning art pieces and breathtaking photographs, capturing the spirit of the coastal city. In an exciting collaboration, these local talents are now teaming up with Wickedly Awesome to make their work available to a broader audience.

Wickedly Awesome, a dynamic online platform, provides a robust marketplace for artists and photographers to sell their work. With a focus on simplicity, transparency, and ensuring artists maintain control over their creations, Wickedly Awesome has crafted several bespoke packages to accommodate the needs of the various artisans. These packages offer varying degrees of involvement from the platform, from simple commission structures to full-scale production and delivery services.

20% Performance Commission to Wickedly Awesome

In the first package, artists retain the most control over the selling process, a popular choice for those who prefer hands-on involvement. Here's how it works:

Artisans and photographers set their prices, ensuring they are equal to or less than any other advertised prices elsewhere. Once logged into the user-friendly Sellers Dashboard, they can manage their products, sales, and customer interactions.

The sellers take complete responsibility for communicating with the buyers, and handle all aspects of shipping and pickup. They also manage the production and delivery of their work.

For the provided platform and services, a performance fee of 20% is paid to Wickedly Awesome.

30% Performance Commission to Wickedly Awesome

The second package provides additional benefits for a slightly increased performance commission. As part of this package:

Artists set their own prices in line with the first package. In addition, their work enjoys better visibility on the store, enhancing chances of a sale.

Just like in the first package, artisans and photographers handle communication with buyers, shipping, pickup, and all aspects of production and delivery.

The key bonus with this package is the extra visibility on social media and search engine optimized product listings and collections. This enhancement can significantly increase the reach and visibility of their work to potential customers.

Additionally, we have some wall space available at Litchfield Collective that you're more than welcome to hang your work depending on availability. Digital signage is also available in this package. 

For these extended services, a performance fee of 30% is paid to Wickedly Awesome.

Photographer Image Licensing to Wickedly Awesome

The third package is specially designed for photographers who prefer to license their images to Wickedly Awesome. This offering works as follows:

Wickedly Awesome sets the prices for the licensed products. This includes handling all aspects of production, delivery, and customer service, allowing photographers to focus solely on their creative process.

For every sold licensed product, the photographer earns a 30% licensing fee.

Wholesale Option with Wickedly Awesome

In addition to the previously mentioned options, Wickedly Awesome also offers a comprehensive wholesale package, ideal for artisans and photographers seeking to sell their products in bulk and at a consistent rate.

In this arrangement, Wickedly Awesome purchases prints, artwork, and other products at a 60% discount on the advertised prices. This ensures a guaranteed income for the artists and photographers, relieving them from the uncertainty of individual sales and potential market fluctuations.

Once the products are purchased, Wickedly Awesome takes on the task of reselling them in their online store. This includes overseeing all client interactions, customer service, shipping, and pickup arrangements, ensuring a smooth and professional experience for the buyers.

Artists and photographers can take advantage of this package to secure regular income while freeing up their time to focus on their creativity. Meanwhile, Wickedly Awesome absorbs all risks associated with market demand and handles the retail side, ensuring a win-win situation for both parties.