Icon of the Seas Dethrones Wonder of the Seas as World's Largest Cruise Ship

Icon of the Seas Dethrones Wonder of the Seas as World's Largest Cruise Ship

Final touches have been added to The Icon of the Seas, the largest cruise liner globally, which was assembled at a Finnish shipyard. The ship is on its maiden venture into open waters, undergoing sea trials, and the forecasted handover date is in October this year.

The Icon of the Seas, part of the Royal Caribbean International family, is a titanic cruise liner with a length of around 365 meters (roughly 1,200 feet), and it weighs a massive 250,800 tonnes.

Set to begin its journey through the Caribbean in January 2024, the liner has extensive room to provide for approximately 5,610 passengers and a crew of around 2,350, all enjoying absolute comfort.

Icon of the Seas

Claiming the World’s Largest Cruise Liner Title The Icon of the Seas isn’t just an exceptional vessel for its sheer size; it also introduces the world's largest water theme park at sea, making it an aquatic marvel.

Six record-breaking water slides are planned to be onboard, but the Icon of the Seas isn't just about exhilarating adventures. For those seeking peace and relaxation, the ship will also offer seven pools and nine whirlpools, providing the perfect atmosphere for unwinding.

Earlier this year, Michael Bayley, the President and Chief Executive of Royal Caribbean International, announced during a press conference that the ship's progress was going as expected. He confirmed the Icon of the Seas is slated to join the Royal Caribbean fleet on October 26, ahead of its grand premiere in 2024.

The title of the world's largest cruise ship was briefly held by another member of the Royal Caribbean fleet, the Wonder of the Seas. Launched last year, Wonder of the Seas, slightly shorter at 1,188 feet in length and with 18 passenger decks, was surpassed by the Icon of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean released an official announcement confirming that the Icon completed its preliminary sea trials successfully on June 22.

"Throughout its initial sea trials, Icon of the Seas journeyed across hundreds of miles where the hull, main engines, braking systems, steering, and noise and vibration levels were thoroughly assessed," the announcement stated. "All tasks were completed on time per the schedule, despite the delay in the departure due to wind conditions.”

Vacationing on The Icon of the Seas "We are envisioning it as the quintessential family getaway. The amount of effort and time invested in constructing this ship is simply astonishing," Bayley remarked.

The ship presents a vast assortment of over 40 dining, entertainment, and drink options, many of which are included in the cruise fare. Boasting 20 spacious decks and eight unique sectors, it is designed to meet every vacationer's preferences. The ship offers a diverse range of attractions, from family-centric zones to exclusive adult-only spaces such as Royal Caribbean International's inaugural dueling pianos bar.

Passengers have 28 different accommodation types to choose from, with a focus on catering to families, providing rooms with ocean views, and additional space for group travelers. The cruise line has spent its longest duration ever, meticulously designing the "ideal home base" for passengers.

Additional Information:

  • The Icon of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world. It is 20 decks high, 1,197.5 feet long, and 213 feet wide.
  • It has a gross tonnage of 250,800, making it 6% larger than the Wonder of the Seas.
  • It can hold up to 7,600 passengers and 2,350 crew.
  • It has 7 pools, 9 whirlpools, and 6 record-breaking waterslides.
  • It is scheduled to enter service in early 2024 out of the Port of Miami.
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