Wonder of the Seas Review - A Voyage to Remember

Wonder of the Seas Review - A Voyage to Remember

Authored by: Sean Hakes

Ethics Statement: In the realm of travel blogging, it is common for some to receive compensation, incentives, or other perks in exchange for their reviews. However, for our Wonder of the Seas evaluation, we received no offers for special discounts or other benefits. This allowed us to maintain an unbiased perspective and provide our readers with a realistic view of their vacation experience, covering all aspects—positive, negative, and otherwise.

Ahoy, fellow sea lovers! Gather 'round, as I recount our wonder-ful adventure aboard Royal Caribbean's latest and grandest masterpiece, the Wonder of the Seas. Known for its innovative fleet and luxurious experiences, Royal Caribbean has raised the bar, delivering a voyage that left us feeling like royalty on the high seas.

Voices - Wonder of the Seas

As the newest and largest ship to set sail, the Wonder of the Seas truly lived up to its name. With a plethora of jaw-dropping amenities and entertainment options, it's no surprise that this magnificent vessel has earned its title as the world's largest cruise ship. So, strap on your life jackets and get ready for a whirlwind tour of the unforgettable journey we embarked upon.

Our itinerary was nothing short of amazing, with four spectacular stops and two days at sea to appreciate the ship's wonders fully. From the sun-soaked shores of CoCoCay and the adrenaline-pumping Atlantis Aquaventure in Nassau to the vibrant streets of Falmouth and the idyllic Amiga Island Escape in Labadee, each destination offered its unique flavor and charm. 

So sit back, relax, and let me regale you with tales of our adventure, one wave at a time!

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Wonder of the Seas Review

Once upon a time, in the golden year of 1968, Royal Caribbean set sail with a vision to revolutionize the cruising experience. Fast forward to today, and they've certainly made waves as one of the leading cruise lines in the industry. With a reputation for innovation and a penchant for pushing boundaries, Royal Caribbean has consistently raised the bar in maritime luxury.

The Wonder of the Seas is the crown jewel of Royal Caribbean's majestic fleet. This colossal beauty boasts some seriously impressive features that set it apart from its seafaring siblings.

Wonder of the Seas Bahamas

Unique amenities and entertainment options

  • Ah, where to begin? The Wonder of the Seas is a floating city of delights! From a sprawling, multi-level water park to a heart-stopping zipline, there's no shortage of thrills. Don't forget the Ultimate Abyss, the tallest slide at sea, and the Royal Promenade, where you can stroll, shop, and dine to your heart's content.
  • Entertainment options are equally dazzling, with Broadway-style shows, a state-of-the-art ice skating rink, and even a full-fledged casino. Night owls, rejoice! There's no shortage of nightlife either, with a bevy of bars and clubs to choose from.

Comparison to other ships in the fleet

  • While all Royal Caribbean ships offer luxury and adventure, the Wonder of the Seas takes it up a notch. As the largest in the fleet, this behemoth offers more space, options, and everything that makes a cruise unforgettable. It's like the other ships but on steroids!

Pros and cons of the Wonder of the Seas


  • An unparalleled variety of activities and entertainment options
  • Spacious, well-appointed staterooms and suites
  • Diverse dining options to cater to every palate
  • Friendly, attentive staff who go the extra nautical mile


  • The sheer size of the ship might be overwhelming for some
  • Crowds and wait times at popular attractions during peak hours
  • Possible difficulty in securing reservations for specialty dining and shows
  • The smoking section is not self-contained, allowing the smell to cross-pollinate among decks near the swimming pool and El Loco Fresh restaurant.

Room 14200 Review - Ocean Room w/ Balcony 

Wonders of the Sea Stateroom 14-200

Picture this: room #14200, a cozy Ocean Room with a Balcony midship on the Wonder of the Seas. This little gem boasted a location that could make Goldilocks herself say, "just right!" Situated on the same deck as the kids club, it was a convenient haven for families with little sailors in tow. 

Wonder of the Seas Stateroom # 14200

The room itself, though compact, came equipped with a snug bathroom, ample storage space, and a charming patio - perfect for wave-watching and savoring the sights and sounds of each port.

Pros and cons of the room


  • Prime midship location for smooth sailing and easy access to amenities
  • Proximity to the kids club for families with young ones
  • Personal patio for private relaxation and views
  • Exceptional room keeper who kept things shipshape


  • It seemed smaller than comparable rooms on other cruise lines, such as Disney Dream
  • Noise from the pool deck 15's cleaning crew during late night and early morning hours
  • Potential disturbances from pumps or other equipment in the ceiling

Overall experience and satisfaction

Despite the occasional bumps in the night, room #14200 proved to be a delightful home away from home on our cruise. Our room keeper, Putu, was the real MVP, ensuring that our space remained tidy and well-stocked with all the essentials. While the late-night noise might deter light sleepers, the helpful guest services staff did their best to keep things as hushed as possible. 

The cherry on top? That serene but conservative sized balcony, where we savored countless sunrises, sunsets, and moments of tranquility as we sailed the open seas. Room #14200, we'll always treasure the memories we made within your (admittedly tight) embrace!

CoCoCay Bahamas Review

CoCo Cay Royal Caribbean

Imagine stepping off the ship and onto a slice of paradise. That's CoCoCay, or as Royal Caribbean likes to call it, A Perfect Day at CoCoCay. This private island in the Bahamas is an idyllic playground that combines the natural beauty of the Caribbean with a touch of adrenaline-pumping fun. From towering waterslides and a giant freshwater pool to serene beach spots and delectable dining options, CoCoCay has something for everyone. And if you're feeling extra fancy, you can even treat yourself to an overwater cabana, reminiscent of Bora Bora!

Coco Cay Beach

Pros and cons of the destination


  • Exclusive to Royal Caribbean guests, offering a less crowded experience
  • A variety of free activities, including beach access, kids areas, and pools
  • Complimentary lunch provided
  • Activities to suit all ages and interests


  • Some attractions and experiences, such as the overwater cabanas, can be pricey
  • Limited time on the island due to the cruise itinerary
  • Potential for crowds during peak season

Personal experience and highlights

CoCoCay Perfect Day - Royal Caribbean

Our day on this blissful island was nothing short of spectacular. Since we didn't book any excursions, we were free to explore the island's many offerings at our leisure. From splashing around in the crystal-clear waters to soaking up the sun on the powdery sands, it was a day we won't soon forget.

As we roamed the island, we discovered an abundance of free activities to keep us entertained. The kids' areas and pools proved to be a hit, providing endless fun for our littlest cruisers. And let's not forget about the complimentary lunch, which served up a delicious taste of the island life.

Our day at CoCoCay was truly a perfect day, filled with laughter, relaxation, and memories that will last a lifetime. If there's a slice of heaven on earth, we're convinced it's right here on this sun-kissed Bahamian island.

Nassau, Bahamas - Atlantis Aquaventure Review

Aquaventure is an aquatic wonderland bursting with thrilling rides, refreshing pools, and the heart-pounding Leap of Faith waterslide. 

Leap of Faith Atlantis

This sprawling oasis offers an array of attractions that cater to both the adrenaline junkies and the sun worshippers among us. From the not-so-lazy river and its exhilarating rapids to the winding water slides that twist and turn, there's no shortage of excitement to be found at Aquaventure.

Pros and cons of the destination


  • Wide variety of attractions for all ages and interests
  • Manageable lines, even on busy days, due to the park's size
  • Unique experiences, such as the Leap of Faith slide through a shark tank


  • Pricey admission fees, especially for families
  • A cashless system requires a credit card or mobile payment option
  • Possible savings on admission if purchased directly from the park and traveling by cab

Personal experience and highlights

Our aquatic adventure at Atlantis Aquaventure was nothing short of splashtastic! Despite the steep price tag (around $700+ for our family of four), we dove headfirst into the excitement. 

Pro-tip for fellow cruisers: the park is cashless, so be sure to have a credit card or mobile payment option handy.

We adored the not-so-lazy river, its thrilling rapids and unexpected twists that kept us on our toes. Our son Levi took the plunge on the iconic Leap of Faith, a heart-stopping slide that plunges riders through a shark-infested tank. 

While the park was teeming with visitors, we found the lines to be surprisingly manageable, thanks to Aquaventure's sprawling layout. Next time, we might purchase our tickets directly from the park and take a cab to save some extra dough. 

Atlantis Aquaventure, you left us soaked, smiling, and eager for more!

Falmouth, Jamaica Review

Falmouth, Jamaica

Falmouth, Jamaica, a charming town with a rich history, was our next stop on this tropical adventure. Founded in 1769, this bustling gem is renowned for its well-preserved Georgian architecture, sugar plantations, and vibrant local culture. As soon as you set foot in the port, you'll be greeted by a medley of shops, entertainers, and friendly faces. But remember, to truly experience Jamaica; you'll need to venture beyond the touristy confines of the port area.

Pros and cons of the destination


  • Rich history and culture to explore
  • Friendly locals who are eager to share their beautiful island
  • Opportunities for authentic experiences away from the tourist crowds


  • The port area can be quite touristy, limiting authentic cultural experiences
  • Limited options for organized shore excursions through the cruise line

Personal experience and highlights

Eggroll and Omar Falmouth Jamaica Guides

Our Jamaican jaunt in Falmouth was nothing short of magical. Instead of sticking to the Royal Caribbean shore excursions, we forged our own path and explored the town on our terms. After wandering around a bit, we met a friendly port attendant who connected us with two bike cabbies, Egrowl and Omar. These jovial guides showed us the best of Falmouth, including an authentic Jamaican Jerk restaurant that cooked finger-licking-good chicken and pork.

 Falmouth Jamaica Courthouse

Falmouth Courthouse - Located Right Outside of the Port

For only $25 per cabby for a 45-minute ride (plus tip), we enjoyed a safe, affordable, and unforgettable experience in Falmouth. Our adventure with Egrowl and Omar allowed us to see the town's hidden gems and gave us a genuine taste of Jamaica's warm and welcoming spirit. Falmouth, you stole our hearts with personality and delicious jerk cuisine!

Authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Falmouth Jamaica Taxi Bike Tour

Falmouth Jamaica Taxi Bike Tour

Labadee, Haiti - Amiga Island Escape

Haitian Dance Labadee Haiti

Our next adventure took us to the sun-soaked shores of Labadee, Haiti, a private destination leased by Royal Caribbean. Here, the beachside meets the mountainside, creating a breathtaking backdrop for a day of relaxation and excitement. Our chosen excursion was the Amiga Island Escape, where we were whisked away to the secluded Amiga Island for a blissful three-hour retreat. Surrounded by clear waters, pristine sands, and a touch of Haitian culture, Amiga Island offered a unique and tranquil escape.

Labadee Haiti

Pros and cons of the destination


  • Safe and secure environment, with ample security and police presence at the resort.
  • Numerous free activities, including splash parks, beaches, and walking paths
  • Chance to experience authentic Haitian culture


  • Trash in the water and on the island potentially impacting wildlife
  • The need for greater environmental stewardship from Royal Caribbean and visitors

Personal experience and highlights

Labadee Haiti - Amiga Island

Our day in Labadee, Haiti, was a delightful mix of relaxation and adventure. Upon arriving at Amiga Island, we were captivated by the crystal-clear waters and the island's vibrant atmosphere. We indulged in some delicious Haitian coconut drinks and even had a taste of local moonshine, all while soaking up the sun and enjoying the stunning scenery. However, we couldn't help but notice the trash floating around the water, a sad reminder of the need for greater environmental care.

Labadee Haiti Resorts Royal Caribbean

After our island escape, we returned to the main area of Labadee, where we discovered many free activities for cruisegoers. From splash parks and beaches to walking paths and more, there was no shortage of ways to enjoy this tropical paradise. Labadee, you enchanted us with your natural beauty and warm Haitian hospitality, leaving us with memories that will last a lifetime.

Ship Activities & Sea Days

Pool Deck Wonder of The Seas

On the Wonder of the Seas days at sea are far from dull. The ship offers a diverse range of activities and entertainment options for passengers of all ages and interests. From thrilling water slides and surf simulators to captivating live shows and musical performances, there's no shortage of ways to make the most of your time on board.

Pros and cons of ship activities 


  • A wide variety of activities and entertainment options.
  • Opportunities to relax and unwind or engage in adrenaline-pumping adventures.
  • Chance to explore and enjoy the ship's many amenities.
  • Entertainment is included at no additional charge.


  • Some activities may have long wait times or require reservations.
  • An overwhelming number of options made it difficult to choose what to do.
  • Booking activities from the ship's app was cumbersome on our iPhones. We heard the same from many, leaving some frustration and missed activity opportunities. 

Personal experience and highlights

Wonder of the Seas Pool Deck at Night

Our family relished the days at sea, immersing ourselves in the various activities and entertainment options available on the Wonder of the Seas. We were mesmerized by Seasons on Ice, The Effectors II: Crash & Burn theater show, and the various other performances, including Voices, and  inTENse. The kids had a blast in the kid-friendly pools, water slides, and Wonder Playscape, while we also enjoyed the thrill of The Perfect Storm waterslide.

Ultimate Abyss Entrance

One of our kids' favorite activities was the Ultimate Abyss, the tallest slide at sea, situated more than 150 feet above sea level. Though it may sound intimidating, the slide was actually a slow but exciting experience, suitable for just about anyone willing to give it a try.

Wonder of the Seas Putt Putt Golf

One evening, we even indulged in a friendly game of putt-putt golf, reveling in the ship's seemingly endless offerings. From the lively atmosphere at Music Hall to the live performances in the largest theatrical venue at sea. Our days at sea aboard the Wonder of the Seas provided unforgettable experiences and cherished family memories.

Flow Rider Wonder of the Seas

In addition to the activities we participated in, Wonder of the Seas also offers other exciting options like the FlowRider surf simulator, the zip line ride, a basketball court, and a running track on level 5 that goes around the entire boat. 

For those looking to focus on their health and wellness, a fully-equipped workout center and an array of spa services are available to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation.

Dining on Wonder of the Seas

Wonder of the Seas Main Dining Room

Wonder of the Seas offers a vast array of dining options to suit every taste, ensuring every palate is satisfied. With a mix of complimentary dining venues and premium dining experiences, passengers can indulge in a diverse range of cuisines and atmospheres while on board.

Pros and cons of dining


  • A wide variety of dining options to cater to different tastes and preferences.
  • Complimentary dining venues provide high-quality meals without additional cost.
  • Special dietary needs and food allergies are accommodated.


  • Premium dining options can be expensive.
  • Some complimentary dining venues may be crowded during peak times.

Personal experience and highlights

Waitstaff Wonder of the Seas

Our dining experience aboard the Wonder of the Seas was delightful. The main dining room became our favorite spot, with our amazing servers, Eleazar and Ryan, attending to our every need. The food was fantastic, and the consistency of having the same table and wait for staff added a touch of familiarity and comfort to our mealtimes.

Wonder of the Seas

We also enjoyed a range of complimentary dining options:

  • Windjammer Café: Our go-to for breakfast, offering a delicious buffet-style spread.
  • Solarium Bistro: Though smaller and sometimes crowded during peak times, the unique ambiance made this a popular choice.
  • Sorrento's: A fantastic late-night pizza spot that even catered to gluten-free dietary requirements.
  • El Loco Fresh: A perfect lunch spot with tasty Mexican fare like quesadillas, tacos, burritos, and nachos, coupled with ample seating.

While premium dining options were available on the Wonder of the Seas, we didn't feel the need to try them, as the complimentary dining venues offered an excellent variety of high-quality dishes that catered to our needs and tastes.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, our adventure aboard the Wonder of the Seas was nothing short of a wonder-ful experience. Royal Caribbean has outdone itself with its newest and largest ship, boasting an impressive array of amenities, entertainment options, and dining choices. Our itinerary was packed with exciting and memorable stops, including CoCoCay, Nassau, Falmouth, and Labadee, each offering unique experiences and highlights that made our trip unforgettable.

While our Ocean Room with Balcony #14200 was a bit small and occasionally disrupted by noise from the mechanical systems above, the amazing service from our room keeper, Putu, and the convenient midship location made it a worthwhile choice. If we were to change anything about the trip, it would be to relocate the smoking area to a contained section to minimize the smoke smell on the ship deck and to select a different room to avoid the noise.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Wonder of the Seas exceeded our expectations. The incredible staff, the smooth operation of the ship, and the well-managed crowds made our journey a remarkable experience. 

With abundant activities and events, getting bored in this floating wonderland is nearly impossible. Our voyage on the Wonder of the Seas has left us with lasting memories and eager anticipation for our next adventure with Royal Caribbean.

Pro Tips

1. The shows are amazing, attend them if you can. Our favorite was Seasons on Ice, Kitchen Nightmare and The Effectors II. 

2. Book laser tag well in advance, and show up early, it sells out quick. 

3. Arrive to your events well in advance. Doors for most of the shows open up 45 min prior to show time and 10 min to everyone else. 

4. If you really want to explore the boat, pick your 'least favorite' port day, spend half the day exploring then the other half taking advantage of the empty boat!

5. You won't have time to explore the entire boat and activities. There is too much to do. Plan in advance and enjoy your time!

6. We had so many experiences and took so many photos we couldn't include everything here. Head over to Photography-Ish.com in the next few days and we plan on publishing more photos and info there. Thanks for reading!

Related FAQs

Q: How big is Wonder of the Seas?
A: The Wonder of the Seas spans 1,188 feet (362 meters) in length and boasts a gross tonnage of 236,857 across its 18 decks. With the ability to house 5,734 guests at double occupancy, the ship can reach a maximum capacity of 6,988 passengers. Additionally, it can accommodate a 2,300-member crew.

Q: Where does wonder of the seas sail from?
A: December 2022 – In a celebration fit for the world's newest wonder, Royal Caribbean International officially welcomed Wonder of the Seas into the family in its new year-round home of Port Canaveral, Florida

Q: How many passengers on Wonder of the Seas?
A: The Wonder of the Seas has the capacity to accommodate 5,734 passengers at double occupancy, with a maximum limit of 6,988 passengers, in addition to hosting a 2,300-member crew.

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