Wickedly Awesome Adventures Introduces: Heroes On The Hook

Wickedly Awesome Adventures Introduces: Heroes On The Hook

North Myrtle Beach - Wickedly Awesome Adventures is proud to unveil our latest initiative dedicated to the brave men and women who've served our nation: The Heroes On The Hook program.


There's no denying the debt of gratitude we owe to our veterans. These individuals have sacrificed, protected, and represented our nation's values on the global stage. As a token of our appreciation, and as an endeavor to give back in our unique way, we have initiated the Heroes On The Hook program.

Fishing: A Therapeutic Getaway

Fishing isn't just a pastime; for many, it's a therapeutic experience. The serenity of the open water, the patience it teaches, and the joy of the catch can offer a tranquil escape from daily stresses. Our veterans, more than anyone, deserve such moments of peace and joy.

How Does It Work?

Every month, we'll be offering complimentary fishing trips on our signature Wickedly Awesome Fishing Charter right here in North Myrtle Beach. Veterans can sign up directly or be nominated by friends and family. Our spacious and well-equipped charter is ready to offer veterans an unparalleled fishing experience they won't soon forget.

Community Engagement

The success of Heroes On The Hook relies heavily on community awareness and engagement. We encourage everyone to spread the word, nominate a veteran, or simply share a story. Local businesses and individuals keen on supporting or collaborating with our program are welcome to reach out.

A Personal Touch

Each trip isn't just about fishing. It's about creating memories, forging bonds, and reminding our veterans that their service is remembered and appreciated. We look forward to many sunrises on the horizon, the gentle rocking of the boat, the thrill of the catch, and most importantly, the smiles and stories of our heroes.

Join Us

Wickedly Awesome Adventures is more than just a adventure business. We're a community-driven initiative, dedicated to giving back. Our Heroes On The Hook program is a testament to that spirit. We invite you all to be a part of this journey, ensuring that our heroes get the recognition and relaxation they so rightly deserve.

For more details, nominations, or collaborations, please reach out to our team. Together, let's make every fishing trip an adventure of gratitude.

Local businesses who wish to support our mission to get more veterans on the water can email sean@wickedlyawesome.com. 

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Hello. I just read about this program. I am a retired Army veteran with 22 years of service. I would love to know how to apply. Thank you

Keith Richard

What a great offering by your company to have these trips for veterans. Thank you.

jay laurelli

My husband Richard Walsh is a Vietnam veteran. I look foreward to him having this fishing trip. My birthday is Nov 11th!!

Debra Walsh

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