Rover Tours' Permanent Ban Enforced by Court

Rover Tours' Permanent Ban Enforced by Court

A court has issued a lasting ruling on Wednesday that bars Rover Tours from utilizing the East Bay Park dock for their charter boat services. The City of Georgetown has secured this permanent injunction to stop the company from operating at the park.

Moreover, a new ordinance is on the verge of being passed by the County Council, which has already undergone two of the three readings needed. This proposed regulation would ban any tour boats exceeding 30 feet in length or carrying more than six passengers from docking at any public boat landing.

The legal confrontation began in June when the City of Georgetown pursued legal action against Rover Tours for utilizing the public dock at East Bay Park to embark and disembark their passengers.

According to Thompson, the Georgetown Public Information Officer, the business was notified of several violations, including operating without a city business license and proof of liability insurance, misusing the park's address for its operations, failing to launch from the dock, and obstructing the parking area designated for boats and trailers.

A temporary court order was put in place in July by Circuit Court Judge Alex Hyman, restricting the tour boat from using the public dock until a full hearing could be conducted. This hearing occurred on Monday before Circuit Court Judge Ben Culbertson, who decided in favor of the city, turning the temporary measure into a permanent injunction.

Judge Culbertson's ruling clearly states that Rover Tours has created a public nuisance and is now permanently prohibited from operating its large commercial vessel from the East Bay Boat Landing, advertising this location as its business address, using the landing for loading and unloading, instructing customers to use the boat trailer lot for parking, or conducting business in the city without proper authorization.

Additionally, the city has opted not to seek attorney fees for this case, which was managed by city attorney Elise Crosby.

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