Pawleys Island Peeps Founder Dave Clayton Spearheads Tackling Hunger

Pawleys Island Peeps Founder Dave Clayton Spearheads Tackling Hunger

Pawleys Island, July 28, 2023 - Dave Clayton, the visionary founder of Pawleys Island Peeps, has unveiled an initiative aimed at addressing food insecurity in and around Pawleys Island. In an exclusive interview with, Clayton revealed his inspiring idea of creating a nonperishable food drop-off for vacationers, tapping into the untapped potential of leftover food from tourists to support those in need.

Drop Off Location609 Doyle Ave Pawleys Island, SC

The central goal of this pioneering project is to foster community collaboration, bringing residents together to help those facing challenging times by providing a central location for food donations. Each year, countless vacationers flock to Pawleys Island, and it is estimated that thousands of pounds of food go to waste. However, with the new drop-off location, visitors now have the opportunity to contribute their unopened and nonperishable food items, which will be channeled to a local non-profit food bank.

With this compassionate initiative, Clayton seeks to make a meaningful impact on food insecurity and hunger in Pawleys Island. By supporting local families and individuals in need, the project aims to instill a sense of hope and solidarity within the community, encouraging compassion and empathy among residents.

"This initiative is not just about addressing food scarcity; it's about empowering action and enhancing awareness," Clayton expressed passionately. "We want to build stronger bonds among Pawleys Island residents, creating a lasting legacy of generosity and kindness."

The food drop-off location not only promotes sustainability by utilizing nonperishable items but also sets an example for other communities to follow, showcasing the efficacy of collective efforts in combating hunger effectively.

"We want to celebrate giving and recognize the invaluable contributions of donors and volunteers who make this endeavor possible," Clayton added. "By uniting for this cause, we aim to overcome challenges together, lifting spirits and spreading joy among those receiving the donations."

This heartfelt initiative by Pawleys Island Peeps is set to uplift the spirits of countless individuals and families, demonstrating that they are not alone in their struggles. As the project gains momentum, it is expected to unite people from all walks of life, transcending backgrounds and beliefs in pursuit of a common goal: helping one another.

Drop Off Location: 609 Doyle Ave Pawleys Island, SC

With Dave Clayton's innovative vision and the support of the Pawleys Island community, this nonperishable food drop-off promises to be a beacon of hope, creating a lasting impact and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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A big shoutout and thanks to Alex Aull for conducting a fabulous interview. The original intent was provide an accompanying video however the cicadas had other plans.  

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