Local Shrimpers Battle Import Surge: South Carolina Alliance Advocates for Homegrown Seafood

Local Shrimpers Battle Import Surge: South Carolina Alliance Advocates for Homegrown Seafood

In Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, local shrimp fishermen are expressing alarm over the influx of imported shrimp, fearing that it might overshadow their market. A regional group, however, is actively championing the cause of local shrimping.

The South Carolina Shrimper’s Alliance is focused on multiple fronts: lobbying for pro-shrimping policies, raising public awareness about the significance of local shrimping, and advocating for sustainable practices in the industry.

A primary challenge for shrimpers in the Lowcountry is the rising trend among local eateries to source shrimp internationally. These imports often come at rates that make it tough for local providers to remain competitive, endangering their means of income.

Charleston's as well as The Grand Strand's appeal, as many local shrimpers point out, is its authentic seafood experience. Ensuring the local industry's survival is crucial for this reason.

Local fisherman, Rocky Magwood, expresses his concerns, “This isn’t a new issue, but the situation is intensifying. We’re seeing an increase in the volume of imported shrimp in our markets. This saturation is pricing us out – especially with other operational costs being as high as they are.”

He further added, “Facing competition from countries with significantly lower overheads is challenging. The market's indifference has reached a point where even processors are reluctant to purchase our shrimp.”

To guide consumers, the South Carolina Shrimpers Alliance is curating an online directory of eateries that patronize local shrimpers. They urge the community to stand by these establishments. 

We reached out to the South Carolina Shrimpers Alliance to get a list a local restaurants along The Grand Strand who use local shrimpers that we can also support here on Wickedly Awesome. 

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