Freedom Boat Club and Seacoast Anglers Team Up to Celebrate Veterans with a Day of Fishing

Freedom Boat Club and Seacoast Anglers Team Up to Celebrate Veterans with a Day of Fishing

The Freedom Boat Club, known for its passion for boating and community engagement, has a tradition of introducing the joys of fishing to the younger generation through its "Hook a Kid on Fishing" program. This fantastic initiative, a collaboration with the Seacoast Angler Association, offers local children the chance to experience fishing during the summer months at no cost, fostering a new generation of fishing enthusiasts.

This season brings an exciting program expansion aimed at honoring those who have served our nation. The Freedom Boat Club and the Seacoast Anglers proudly announce the inauguration of the "Hook a Vet on Fishing" event, a special tribute to our local veterans.

Karen Berry, the host at the Freedom Boat Club, is enthusiastic about the upcoming Veterans Day event. On November 11th, at the Freedom Boat Club, veterans are warmly invited to participate in a day dedicated to them, filled with fishing and fellowship. The event is set to launch at 9 a.m., promising a day of not just fishing but also of shared stories and the pursuit of the "big one," with support from both Seacoast anglers and Freedom Boat Club members.

The spirit of the day continues beyond the water with a good old-fashioned cookout hosted on the docks of the Freedom Boat Club. This gesture of gratitude, supplied by the Seacoast Anglers, allows veterans to enjoy a well-deserved meal and companionship after their fishing endeavors.

A special nod of appreciation goes to the Seacoast Anglers, not only for initiating the "Hook a Kid on Fishing" program but also for extending their generosity to honor our veterans with this thoughtful event. It reflects their dedication to nurturing a sense of community and a love for the sport of fishing.

As Veterans Day approaches, the Freedom Boat Club and the Seacoast Anglers extend a heartfelt thank you to all veterans. This day at the Freedom Boat Club awaits, offering a chance for veterans to take to the waters for a relaxing and memorable fishing experience.

In gratitude for their service, the Freedom Boat Club and the Seacoast Anglers look forward to welcoming veterans to a day of appreciation and angling adventure, where the boat is always waiting, and a new journey is just over the horizon.

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