How to Get a Free Boat Club Membership in Myrtle Beach

How to Get a Free Boat Club Membership in Myrtle Beach

Discovering the Joys of Boating with Freedom Boat Club in Myrtle Beach

Boating enthusiasts often dream of the freedom that comes with owning a boat: the ability to cast off and cruise the open waters anytime the mood strikes. However, the realities of boat ownership—upkeep, storage, insurance, and more—can sometimes turn this dream into a daunting task. That's where Freedom Boat Club (FBC) comes into the picture, providing a hassle-free alternative to traditional boat ownership. For those exploring the beautiful Myrtle Beach area, FBC offers an attractive proposition with multiple locations and a diverse fleet, making it easier than ever to enjoy the water without the worry.

Who is Freedom Boat Club? Founded in 1989, Freedom Boat Club is one of the largest and oldest boat club operators in the United States. FBC operates on a simple philosophy: make boating as easy and accessible as possible. Instead of owning a single boat, members have access to a whole fleet, allowing them to choose a vessel that suits their activity each day, whether it’s fishing, sailing, or leisure cruising.

Boating Locations in Myrtle Beach In the Grand Strand area, FBC truly shines with its strategically placed marinas, each offering a unique boating experience:

Waccawache Marina: Nestled on the tranquil Waccamaw River, this marina is ideal for those looking to explore the serene river environment or venture into the Atlantic for more adventurous pursuits.

Crazy Sister Marina: Located in the bustling Murrells Inlet, it's perfect for anglers and those who enjoy vibrant marine life and the freshest seafood right off the boat.

Harbourgate Marina: In North Myrtle Beach, this location offers direct access to the ocean, making it great for day trips along the coast or diving adventures.

South Port, NC: While slightly further afield, South Port is renowned for its charming coastal town ambiance and access to some of North Carolina’s most beautiful waters.

Types of Boating Offered The diversity of FBC’s locations around Myrtle Beach means that all types of boating activities are well catered for. From peaceful kayaking and river cruising at Waccawache Marina to sport fishing and deep-sea adventures from Crazy Sisters or Harbourgate, there’s something for every type of boater. Sailors can enjoy the open waters, while leisure cruisers can take in the scenic vistas along the coast.

The Convenience of Boat Club Membership Over Boat Ownership Joining FBC translates into significant savings and convenience for those who love to boat but dislike the drawbacks of ownership. The club handles all maintenance, cleaning, storage, and insurance. Members enjoy unlimited boating, but only pay for the fuel they use. Furthermore, the variety of boats available means members can choose the perfect boat for each outing without the limitations of owning a single type of vessel.

An Easy Way to Membership While membership to FBC usually involves a joining fee and annual dues, there’s an exclusive opportunity for those considering a move to the Pawleys Island area. By purchasing the property at 283 Berry Tree Drive—one of the island’s most coveted addresses—not only do you acquire a luxurious home with stunning views and robust safety features, but you also receive a complimentary annual membership to Freedom Boat Club. This includes all setup fees and the first year's dues—a perfect introduction to the joys of boating around Myrtle Beach.

283 Berry Tree Drive offers more than just a prime location and exquisite views; it serves as a gateway to a lifestyle filled with maritime adventures without the usual hassles of boat ownership. Whether it's a sunset cruise, a fishing expedition, or simply enjoying the freedom of the open water, Freedom Boat Club and 283 Berry Tree Drive provide an unparalleled combination for luxury living and boating enthusiasts.

For those looking to enjoy the best of both worlds—luxury living and hassle-free boating—this property promises a life of convenience and adventure, making it a truly unique offering. 

Not interested in the home perk but still interested in a boat club membership, call our friend Karen today at (843) 732-3777.

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