Trevor Day Georgetown, SC to Open Winyah Bay Brewing Co in 2024

Trevor Day Georgetown, SC to Open Winyah Bay Brewing Co in 2024

Join us as Trevor Day of Georgetown, SC takes us on a special sneak peek of the all new Winyah Bay Brewing Company that is scheduled to open in early 2024. 

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At Wickedly Awesome Adventures, we're always thrilled to see innovative new businesses sprout up in our community.

Introducing Winyah Bay Brewing, Georgetown's latest addition, set to revolutionize the craft beer scene in Spring 2024. This isn't just a brewery; it's a celebration of local heritage and sustainable brewing.

"Trevor Day, the creator behind Winyah Bay Brewing, is committed to more than just brewing exceptional beer. He's fostering a community, connecting every sip with Georgetown's rich culture and the art of brewing," shares the Wickedly Awesome team.

Located against the stunning Winyah Bay, the brewery is a beacon of sustainability and local engagement. It's poised to become a central hub for community events and a testament to environmental stewardship. The diverse beer selection, infused with local ingredients, promises something for everyone, from timeless classics to bold, new flavors.

As one of the most anticipated openings in 2024, Winyah Bay Brewing symbolizes the role of craft breweries in enriching local communities nationwide. The team is diligently preparing for a grand launch, focusing on perfecting every detail for an unforgettable experience.

The brewery will serve great beer and offer tours, events, and hands-on experiences that showcase the complexities of brewing. "We're not just about beer. Our goal is to create connections and celebrate the unique spirit of our community," says Trevor Day.

Day advises aspiring brewers: "Pursue your passion, stay resilient, and never compromise on quality. Each brewing journey is an opportunity to create something extraordinary."

Get Ready to Join the Festivities in 2024. Winyah Bay Brewing is more than a brewery – it symbolizesit's shared experiences and the craftsmanship that shapes the Georgetown community. The team at Wickedly Awesome Adventures is excited to welcome everyone in 2024, as we all embark on a new chapter in our local craft beer story.

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