When is the best time to catch Spanish mackerel?

When is the best time to catch Spanish mackerel?

The Alluring Chase of Spanish Mackerel in Myrtle Beach

Renowned for their lightning speed, nimble maneuvers, and delectable flavor, Spanish mackerel is a prized catch among saltwater game fish enthusiasts. This fish graces temperate and tropical oceans worldwide, with the southeastern coast of the U.S. being one of their popular haunts.

Myrtle Beach's Mackerel Timeline:

1. Spring (April-May): Spanish mackerel make their northward trek along the coastline as the waters begin to warm up. Prime spots to catch these fast swimmers include:

  • Nearshore and artificial reefs
  • Sunken wrecks
  • Bustling inlets
  • Sandy beaches

2. Summer: While their activity dials down a notch, they are still in the game. During this season, aim for deeper waters, especially around offshore reefs, mysterious wrecks, and submerged ledges.

3. Fall (September-October): With a drop in water temperature, the mackerel commence their southern migration. Interestingly, their favored spots stay mostly the same from spring, so keep that fishing gear handy!

Golden Hours: The break of dawn and the hush of dusk are when Spanish mackerel are at their energetic best. However, don't be deterred by the midday sun; if there's bait swirling around, there's a good chance they're lurking nearby.

Pro Tips for a Fruitful Catch:

  • Opt for lustrous, compact lures that mimic baitfish.
  • Set your trolling speed between 6-8 knots.
  • Keep an eye out for birds swooping down for a fishy feast; where there are birds, mackerel are close behind.
  • React swiftly; Spanish mackerel can't resist a lure on the move!

Hotspots Around Myrtle Beach:

Ready to cast your line? Here are the places you shouldn't miss:

  • Murrells Inlet
  • Little River Inlet
  • Georgetown Inlet
  • Pawleys Island
  • North Myrtle Beach
  • Myrtle Beach's shimmering shores

Final Thoughts: There's a certain thrill in pursuing Spanish mackerel, which rewards not just a commendable catch but also a memorable experience. With the guidance above, you're all set to turn your fishing trips into tales of triumph. So, gear up and dive into the adventure!

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