Step-by-Step Beginners Guide on Catching Red Drum

Step-by-Step Beginners Guide on Catching Red Drum

The coastline stretch between North Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, and Winyah Bay is nothing short of an angler’s paradise. In particular, North Myrtle Beach, with its Little River Inlet and the signature jetties, offers a breathtaking backdrop for one of the most thrilling pursuits: chasing the elusive Redfish or Red Drum. Here's an insider's guide, cultivated from countless hours spent casting lines along these shores with Wickedly Awesome Adventures.

Step-by-Step Guide on Catching Red Drum in North Myrtle Beach and Surrounds

Know Your Target

Redfish, with their coppery shimmer and iconic black tail spot, frequent the waters from Little River Inlet to Winyah Bay. They're often found lurking around structures or cruising the flats, especially around North Myrtle Beach.

Tackle & Gear:

A 7 to 8-foot medium-action spinning rod serves best. Equip it with a reel robust enough to handle a fierce Redfish run, spooled with 10-20 lb braided line.

Best Baits:

  •  Live Bait: Local shrimp, mullet, and pinfish are top contenders. The shrimp, especially, are a hit around the jetties.
  • Artificial Lures: Gold spoons and soft plastics are especially effective around the flats of Little River Inlet. 

Local Hotspots:

Little River Inlet

Especially during incoming tides, Redfish love to feed here. Look out for them in shallow waters and around the docks.

Jetties at Little River Inlet

These structures are Redfish magnets. Cast close, but be wary of snags. 

Murrells Inlet & Winyah Bay

Check out the marshy areas and oyster beds. They’re prime feeding grounds.

Reeling in a Redfish!

Setting the Hook: A Redfish bite is unmistakable. Once you feel it, give a quick, firm jerk upwards to ensure a good set.

Fighting & Landing: Keep your rod tip up and let the Redfish run, using the drag of your reel. When it tires, guide it gently to your net.

Best Places by Season in North Myrtle Beach Area

  • Spring: As waters warm up, the inlets and marshes around North Myrtle Beach, especially near Little River, become active. It's a prime time for Redfish.

  • Summer: While they're spread out, the jetties at North Myrtle Beach are especially productive. Early mornings or late evenings are best.

  • Fall: Murrells Inlet comes alive with Red Drum activity. However, the beaches near the Little River Inlet can surprise you with the "bull" Reds.

  • Winter: Focus on deeper channels and holes. Winyah Bay, with its deeper waters, can be a refuge for Redfish during the colder months.

The waters around North Myrtle Beach, Little River stretching to Murrells Inlet and Winyah Bay, offer a symphony of fishing adventures. And when it comes to Redfish, the thrill is unparalleled. With the sun setting over the jetties, casting a line, and waiting for that unmistakable tug, you'll understand why this area is cherished by anglers.

Dive into this experience with Wickedly Awesome Adventures, and let North Myrtle Beach's waters reveal their Redfish secrets to you. Tight lines!

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